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Fine selections

Santana's offerings, ranging from delectable cuisine to exquisite cocktails, are sure to please even the most discerning palates. Our chef, Nikolaos Vagenas, carefully curated our food menu.

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Crispy Squid

crispy fried breaded squid with smoked mayo

Crispy Shrimps

breaded shrimps with smoked mayo

Vegetable Spring Rolls

homemade roll with chopped cabbage, onion, carrot, beans, mushrooms and sweet chilli sauce

Chicken Pop Corn

crispy chicken bites, served with mayonnaise

Cheese Croquettes

with naxian gruyere and kefalotiri, served with tomato chutney


Greek Salad

with tomato, cherry tomatoes, cucumber, onion, capers, olives, critamo and Naxos’ xinomizithra - soft & sour cheese

Spinach Lettuce

baby spinach salad, manouri cheese, marinated figs, cashews, grape vinaigrette and balsamic vinegar

Chicken Salad

mixed salad, roasted chicken, avocado Naxos’ gruyere flakes, bread loaf and honey vinaigrette


cherry tomatoes marinated in basil flavoured oil, fresh buffalo burrata, parmesan chips and balsamic vinegar vinaigrette

Crispy Squid Salad

calamari tempura in mesclan salad with green apple dressing

A selection of Fresh Fish

Raw Delights

Sashimi Salmon

fresh salmon with ponzu dressing, wasabi, pickled ginger and black caviar

Sashimi Tuna

fresh tuna with soya dressing, wasabi, ginger, brick and black sesame

Sashimi Seabass

fresh seabass with truffle dressing, mesclan salad with fine chopped chilli and spring onion

Salmon Tartare

salmon tartare with wakame, chilli, cucumber, avocado and ponzu dressing

King Crab Tartare

king crab tartare with cucumber, radish, spring onion, edamame, spicy mix salad, chilli, olive oil and lime zest

Tuna Tartare

tuna tartare with ponzu dressing, avocado, cucumber and chilli

Seabass Ceviche

fresh seabass with citrus dressing, spring onion, chilli and black sesame

Tuna Tataki

fresh tuna sprinkled with black sesame, wakame, chilli, pickles and soya dressing

Salmon Tataki

fresh salmon with wakame, chilli, ginger, wasabi, yuzu ponzu dressing and sesame

Beef Tataki

beef fillet with ponzu sauce, wakame, fine chopped chilli and spring onion


beef fillet with truffle balsamic, arugula and parmesan

Always ask the waiter for the fish of the day

Main courses

Tuna Tagliata

grilled tuna fillet with rice, lemon, thyme and black sesame

Salmon Teriyaki

roasted salmon with teriyaki sauce, rice, sesame and seaweed

Chicken Steaks

free range grilled chicken fillet, smoked paprika, tarragon with sweet potato chips and truffle mayo

Ribeye Steak Black Angus

grilled black angus, corn, naxian potato terina and naxian gruyere cream

Pork Steaks

grilled marinated black pork chops with potato rocks and truffle mayo

Love and


Shrimp Pasta

linguini, shrimps, tomato, fresh herbs

Truffle Paccheri

wild mushrooms, naxian gruyere, caramelised pear, fresh truffle and thyme

Cacio e Pepe

linguini with fresh butter, pepper and naxian gruyere-arseniko cheese cream

Seafood Paccheri

paccheri with mussels, clams, crawfish and shrimp bisque

Lobster “Giouvetsi”

lobster tail with fresh thyme, lemon zest and orzo

There is always room for



patisserie cream and gianduja chocolate sauce

Lemon Pie

crispy vanilla tart with lemon cream and raspberry compote


crispy meringue, white chocolate namelaka, strawberry compote and caramelised strawberries aromatised with rum

Snickers chocolate bar

with salted caramel and caramelised pistachios

Ice Cream

chocolate, vanilla, strawberry, oreo


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