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Comfort Food

Sometimes, a hug from the inside is all we need. That's where comfort food comes in! It's not just about filling our bellies; it's about warming our hearts and soothing our souls.

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Chicken Katsu Sandwich

crispy chicken breast cullet, fried and nestled between two buttery slices of toasted bread, chopped vegetables - iceberg, tomato, bacon, onion and tonkatsu sauce with sweet potato chips

Club Sandwich

crispy chicken breast, truffle mayo, tomato, lettuce, cheese, pork shoulder ham and homemade potato rocks

Ciabatta Mortadella

ciabatta bread with naxian gruyere cream, cucumber, mortadella, iceberg and mayonnaise

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Bao Bun

King Crab Bao Bun

king crab, spicy mayo, iceberg, carrot, chilli, goma wakame seaweed and sping onion

Shrimp Bao Bun

crispy shrimp, spicy mayo, iceberg, carrot, goma wakame seaweed, spring onion and chilli

Chicken Bao Bun

crispy chicken, carrot, cucumber, fried onion, spicy mayo, iceberg, tomato, spring onion and chilli

when we say comfort


Chicken Burger

brioche bread with crispy breaded chicken fillet, homemade mayo, iceberg, tomato and homemade potato rocks

Black Angus Cheeseburger

brioche bread, American Black Angus with cheddar, homemade mayo, iceberg, pickles, cucumber, tomato

Santana Burger

brioche bread, black angus beef burger, naxian gruyere, mushrooms, vegetables, smoked mayonnaise and fried egg

when we say comfort



tomato, fresh mozzarellα, mozzarella cream, basil and olive oil


mozzarella, truffle gruyere, proschiutto, tomato, truffle oil and ruckola leaves


tomato sauce, mozzarella, cherry tomatoes, Naxian xinomizithra cheese, olives, capers and spring onion


white mozzarella sauce, smoked bacon, ham, tomato and sping onion


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