Oh La La!


Start your day right with breakfast! Whether it's a simple bowl of cereal or a hearty spread, breakfast sets the tone for a happy, energized day ahead. Don't skip it; savor it!

kindly Reminder

Served from 8:00 till 12:30.

Classic Toast

smoked ham or turkey & cheese


naxian gruyere cream, Naxos’ potato terrine, poached egg, arugula leaves & fresh black truffle

Avocado Toast

with fried egg, pico de gallo & coriander

Fried Country Eggs

2 eggs with country sausage, roasted tomato & feta cheese

Croque Madame

with ham, cheese, fluffy béchamel & 2 fried eggs

Scrambled Eggs

with sweet Naxos’ gruyere, sourdough bread, truffle oil & thyme

Savory Slices

local ham, sweet Naxos’ mizithra, cherry tomatoes, salt flower, homemade bread


yogurt power bowls

Yogurt Peanut Butter

Naxos’ strained yogurt, peanut butter, banana, honey & chia seeds

Super Bowl

Naxos’ yogurt, blueberries, mango, dried fruits, granola & almond flakes

Yogurt Seasonal Fruits

Naxos’ strained yogurt, seasonal fruits, granola & honey


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