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Eighth Avenue 487, New York

Restaurant At Santana Beach restaurant you can find salads, delicious spaghetti, meat and seafood, always made with close attention to detail and quality.Come explore our special dishes Seafood,Grilled Meat,Salads
And More
Seafood,Grilled Meat,Salads
And More
Tasty & Fresh


Exotic and mediterranean flavors merge traditional Naxian culture and the deep culinary understanding of modern gastronomy giving rise to a diversity of sensations for your taste

tasty and crunchy

Grilled Meat

A delicious gastronomy trip awaits with our restaurant satisfying the most demanding customers. We take you to explore the exotic and tropical flavors accompanied by traditional grilled meat giving rise to a diversity of sensations for your tasteā€¦Our intention is that each bite starts with expectation and ends with satisfaction

With The Region's Purest Ingredients

Santana Salads

Healthy and delicious salty and fruity salads, complemented by the sun and the sea

The Santana Experience

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