Santana Beach Club Restaurant

Dessert Wines

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Limnos – Chatzigeorgiou Estate PDO Limnos

(Muscat of Alexandria)

It is made of extra-ripe grapes and following the tradition, they are spread under the Mediterranean sun (sun-dried). It is a sweet white wine, from the charismatic variety «Muscat of Alexandria». The strong scent of citrus coexists harmoniously with the abundant taste of fruit, flowers, honey and raisins.

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Santorini Vinsanto – Santo Wines Winery PDO Santorini

(85% Assyrtiko, 15% Aidani)

Amber colour. Full body. Complex nose, ranging from sweet spices like cinnamon and cloves towards dried fruits such as apricots and raisins. The lovely viscous palate is balanced by a fine thread of acidity that cuts through the sweetness. Long, velvety aftertaste.